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Do you have a pressing legal concern about your business that needs my services?

Is there something specific you could use legal information and guidance about TODAY?

Do you have a legal concern you’d just like to pick my brain about?

Maybe you’ve got a brilliant business idea you’d like to brainstorm through.

Well, if so, the Business and Legal Strategy session is for you. The business legal services throw a relief with a great business ideas you are having.

Many situations arise in life and business that may affect the operation of your business and the quality of your life. However, as integral as having a trusted attorney on your team is to your success, there are times when these situations can be handled short of a full-on retainer agreement.

Whether your issue is best resolved by hiring an attorney (the Bosses’ Lawyer, of course *wink *wink) to resolve, or DIY drafting a crafty letter, the business and legal strategy session will assist you in determining the most efficient resolution for your concern.

During our session, I will answer specific legal questions you may have regarding your business, venture, or other challenge you may be facing.

By the end of our call, you will have a clearer understanding of the legal dynamics of the issue you are facing, and some direction on how you should proceed.