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Estate planning is a major component in the creation of generational wealth, or what some of us like to call “old money”. Most people think estate planning is only for the rich, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Because it is one of the best vehicles for generational wealth creation and asset protection, it is particularly valuable to the not-so-rich-just-yet-but-working-on-it crowd.

If you are someone who has worked hard during your life to support your family and loved ones, you’re wealthy enough to need an estate planning attorney that will surely help you protect what you value most. There are no other qualifications!

The only real guarantee we have in this life is that at some point, it will end. It could happen tomorrow, or fifty years from now, but it will happen. But what happens next?

You’ve worked all your life to provide for and support your family… your children. What happens to them when something inevitably happens to you? If it happened tomorrow, would the people who depend on you the most be ok?

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The worst thing that can possibly happen to your family is for you to leave them unprotected. In the absence of a well-crafted estate plan, you leave strangers to decide the fate and future of your children, family, and most prized possessions.

Without an effective estate plan, you’ve pretty much given the State of Illinois the authority to control your legacy. How do you really think that’s going to turn out?!

More often than not in our communities, we start over generation after generation due to a lack of information and legal preparation.

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It is our responsibility as parents to ensure that our children go farther than we could have ever gone. An effective estate planning attorney and strategy is how we get it done.

You, your assets, and your family deserve protection, and the peace of mind in knowing that whatever happens, whenever it happens, you’re prepared.

You need a plan that keeps your family out of court and out of conflict when the inevitable occurs. That’s why the Bosses’ Lawyer offers trust-based estate planning.

A trust-based estate plan is particularly valuable in creating generational wealth, in that it allows assets to be controlled for generations to come. A trust-based estate plan can also keep your assets out of reach of creditors in cases of divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, and judgments.

When it comes to creating and transferring wealth, strategy is important. It’s important that the assets you’ve worked so hard to build work for you, your family, and your legacy.

The Bosses’ Lawyer will work with you to design and draft a trust-based estate plan that takes into account your individual circumstances and protects your most valuable asset for generations to come: your legacy.