lawyer in chicago

Lawyer in chicago

My name is Ryenne Shaw, a business lawyer in Chicago, Illinois. After over ten years of legal experience and developing a desire to serve the often overlooked and undeserved underdog,
I created the Bosses’ Lawyer.

I worked much of my career at firms serving as outside counsel for large corporations who have full time in-house counsel to advise on day-to-day matters, as well as outside counsel to handle issues outside of the scope of in-house lawyers’ capabilities.

It was then that I realized that smaller entities and entrepreneurs are not afforded the same level of guidance and service because let’s be real – who has $300k a quarter for legal services?

But the fact that small businesses and entrepreneurs can’t afford this level of protection certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t needed.

It just means that small business owners and entrepreneurs often have inadequate legal foundation and protection to sustain a profitable business and brand. I created the Bosses’ Lawyer to close this very important service gap.

Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois
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My vision for the Bosses’ Lawyer is to help strengthen communities by helping build small businesses and helping people create real wealth within our communities – generational wealth.

The Bosses’ Lawyer is built upon these principles. Service, Community, Collaboration, Responsiveness, thorough, and exceptional professionalism are all at the heart of how I operate my life and my business.

The Bosses’ Lawyer is so much more than a law firm to me. It is an avenue that allows me to teach and share information that is valuable and impactful to the futures of our communities.

I was once where you are right now!

The Bosses’ Lawyer was born of my own desire to step my entrepreneurial game ALL the way up. When I became a mother to a young son, I realized that there was more to life than going to work and saving my money. I knew that I had to create a future for my children that was sustainable beyond my job and even beyond my own life. When I became a mother, I began my quest to create freedom and generational wealth for my family. Motherhood is the reason I decided it was time to boss up. Now, I’m helping others do the same.

lawyer in chicago