Commercial Lease Review, Drafting and Negotiation

Commercial leases are drastically different from residential leases

because you only have the rights that are provided in the lease (the ones you negotiate).

This means it’s that much more important to not just have a commercial lease in place, but to have the right commercial lease for your business in place. 

Commercial leases are tricky. They aren’t regulated nearly as much as residential leases and for that reason, most commercial leases tend to be very landlord friendly – at least that’s how they start out. 

Many small business owners don’t realize

how much they can and should negotiate their potential commercial leases.

Understanding the obligations and rights laid out in the lease presented to you by your potential landlord is a step far too many small business owners glaze over and it can put them in a bind later . . . a big expensive bind. 

And because commercial leases are usually substantially longer than residential leases, it can take a while, and an awful lot of money to get out of that bind.

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At the Bosses’ Lawyer,

We understand how important it is for brick and mortar businesses to not just sign a commercial lease, but to sign the right commercial lease.

We understand just how overwhelming it can be for a small business owner to be bombarded by 20-40+ pages of 10 point font legalities that could very well determine whether or not your business survives long enough for your true vision to take form. 

We get it. And that’s why we take the overwhelm out of the commercial lease review and negotiation process.

Commercial Lease Packages

We offer affordable flat-fee packages to assist you along your commercial lease negotiation journey and we can be as involved in the process as you’d like.

Choose the package below that works best for you and your business:


Basic Commercial Lease Review

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