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Your business survives by getting in front of your ideal customer and getting them to buy your product or service again and again. Your registered trademark ensures that your brand and ONLY your brand profits from all of the efforts required to attract and retain your ideal customer, and turn them into a loyal fan and mini-marketing machine for your business.

Trademark protection with your brand helps protect your investment into the branding and marketing that takes to grow your business.

Here are some of the
benefits of trademarking
your brand:

Trademark protection

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Trademark Protection

You invest heavily to make sure your customers: 1) know and see your brand; 2) love your products/services; and 3) have a positive and memorable experience that implants the impression of your brand on their brains.

Every time your brand succeeds in creating this experience for your ideal client, you end up with another repeat customer, who will ultimately send you a handful of other repeat customers. Happy customers talk about their experiences to people just like them, who value what they value, and want what they want. This is the recipe for creating customer goodwill, brand recognition, and a profitable brand. This is also the reason you can’t afford for your customers to confuse your brand with ANYONE else’s.

Aside from securing your right to exclusively use your mark and their revenue-generating qualities, registered trademarks are business assets and protection that your business can eventually leverage to take advantage of funding opportunities and gain access to much-needed capital.

The whole purpose of business ownership is to create wealth, so you must secure the assets that contribute to the value of the business. Intellectual property like trademark registrations increase in value as your business grows, so it’s imperative to protect them early and adequately.

Experts suggest that small business startups spend anywhere from 10% – 20% or more of revenue on marketing efforts within the first six months in business. According to Fundera, 53% of small businesses spend more than $10,000 annually on marketing.

Until you own your trademark(s), your business is taking a major risk by marketing its brand collateral. Until your brand is protected by trademarks, the very investments you are making to grow your brand . . . may actually end up growing someone else’s.

Your hit slogan, design, drawing, phrase or other mark is only yours if you own it. You can only sell it, if you own it.. Trademarking your brand is the only way you can own it.