The first step to creating a strong brand is OWNING it.
And how do you take ownership of your brand collateral? Trademark it . . . all of it.
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Trademark registration

is an investment into one of the most valuable intangible assets your
business will ever have:

customer goodwill. Building a recognizable brand with a strong brand reputation is an investment into the longevity and overall value of your business . . .
and it can’t be done without trademarks.
But trademarks aren’t just there to prevent competitors from capitalizing off your branding and marketing.
Trademarks create additional revenue streams in-and-of-themselves.

And That’s Why It’s So Important For Small Businesses Like Yours To Develop, Protect, And Leverage Trademarks Early And Often.

Things like your brand name, logo, slogan, the name of your signature product, service, course, or podcast are all just some of the creative assets your business can take ownership of (and fully monetize) with the power of trademarks.

After all, how can it make you money
if it’s not . . . yours?!

It’s also important to understand that it
takes more than filling out a trademark application to secure trademark registrations that are effective
in expanding the reach and revenues of your brand.

It’s not just a transaction – it’s a strategy.

That’s why the trademark application assembly line services you find on the internet may be cheaper, but probably won’t be better than hiring an attorney to get the job done right for your business.

The only way your business can survive is by getting in front of your ideal customer and getting them to buy your product or service again and again.

Your registered trademark ensures that your brand and ONLY your brand profits from all of the effort$ it takes to attract and retain your ideal customer, and turn them into a loyal fan and mini-marketing machine for your business.

What are the Benefits of Trademarking Your Brand?

Prevents your ideal client from confusing your brand with your competitors

Helps protect brand reputation

Helps increase brand recognition

Protects the return on investment (ROI) on your branding & marketing effort$

Helps establish customer goodwill

Increases the value of your business

Gives the exclusive right to use your mark nationally

Increases credibility of your brand by allowing use of the ® symbol

Discourages competitors who are tempted to use your mark or one that is too similar for their own profit

Allows you to put a STOP to infringing use of your mark or too similar marks

Creates potential for additional streams of revenue in your business

Can be leveraged for business funding opportunities

Can be used to monetize collaborative ventures

Trademarks help your customers know what they’re buying and from whom . . . so they keep coming back.

You invest heavily to make sure your customers:




Know and see your brand;

love your products/services;

Have a positive and memorable experience that implants the impression of your brand on their brains

Every time your brand succeeds in creating this experience for your ideal client, you end up with another repeat customer, who will ultimately send you a handful of other repeat customers.

Happy customers talk about their experiences to people just like them, who value what they value, and want what they want. This is the recipe for creating customer goodwill, brand recognition, and a profitable brand. This is also the reason you can’t afford for your customers to confuse your brand with ANYONE else’s.

Aside from securing your right to exclusively use your brand collateral and their revenue-generating qualities, registered trademarks are business assets that your business can leverage to take advantage of funding opportunities and gain access to much-needed capital.

If your business doesn't increase in value over time, it's not a business, it's an expensive job.

The whole purpose of business ownership is to create wealth, so you have to secure the assets that contribute to the value of your business. Intellectual property like trademark registrations increase in value as your business grows, so it’s imperative to develop as many trademarks as you can, and to protect them early and adequately.

Leveraging trademarks is a major key to the growth and success of your brand.

Experts suggest that newer small businesses spend anywhere from 10% - 20% or more of revenue on their marketing efforts within the first six months in business. And according to Fundera, 53% of small businesses spend more than $10,000 annually on marketing.

Until you own all of your trademark(s), your business is taking a major risk by marketing its brand collateral. Until your brand is protected by trademarks, the very investments you’re making to grow your brand . . . may actually end up growing someone else’s.

Your hit slogan, design, drawing, phrase, podcast or coursename, or other mark is only yours if you own it. You can only sell it, if you own it . . . Trademarking ALL of your trademarkable brand collateral is the only way you can own it. Every time you figure out you can make money off of a mark, your next move should be to trademark it!

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“The Bosses Lawyer takes the pressure off of you when it comes down to the legal side of things, which gives you more time to focus on the business itself. If you want to run your business smoothly without legal problems hanging over your head then please be sure to hire the Bosses’ Lawyer. They will get everything done fast and efficient.”

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Client Reviews

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“For SMS Estates, we wanted to work with a company that didn't make us feel like we wouldn't be able to grow or learn new things, as our business expands. The Bosses' Lawyer has the expertise, credentials and image that we were looking for in terms of legal support and guidance. Ryenne's professionalism, delivery and overall knowledge about small business startups sold me.”

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