Trademark Registration Boss Package


The most dangerous thing you can do as a small business owner is leave your brand up-for-grabs by failing to secure your trademarks. Aside from securing your right to exclusively use your brand collateral and their revenue-generating qualities, registered trademarks are business assets that your business can leverage to take advantage of funding opportunities and gain access to much-needed capital.

Start putting the power of trademarks to work for your business by letting us get your federal trademark application on file today!


“The Bosses Lawyer takes the pressure off of you when it comes down to the legal side of things, which gives you more time to focus on the business itself. If you want to run your business smoothly without legal problems hanging over your head then please be sure to hire the Bosses’ Lawyer. They will get everything done fast and efficient.”​

Parris Fitzpatrick

Owner of BeYouTiFul Bath & Body and BeYouTiFul Beauty Bar.

The Trademark Registration Boss Package includes:

Access to our exclusive Trademark Strategy Training. ($97 value)
One (1) Thirty (30) Minute Trademark Strategy Session
One (1) Preliminary Trademark Search to identify the strength of the mark and potential threats to registration
One (1) Trademark Search Report
One (1) Legal Opinion Letter addressing the results of the search with recommendations, prepared by Attorney Shaw
Trademarkable Brand Checklist ($47 value)
One (1) Trademark Application Filing (up to one (1) USPTO class)
Unlimited non-substantive Office Action Responses (Non-substantive Office Action Responses are responses to USPTO requests, inquiries, and similar correspondences not requiring legal research and/or argument.)
Celebratory Trademark Registration Packet (post-registration) - After your trademark is successfully registered, you’ll receive your original Registration Certificate framed and ready for display. You’ll also receive some surprise TBL goodies to help with operating your business and growing your brand! The government filing fee of $350 per application per class is not included.

"Watch this video to see why you need trademarks to secure and grow your brand"

Terms of Service and Agreements:

Services: Immediately after your purchase, we begin working to get your trademark application on file. Once you become a client, you’ll receive almost immediate access to your Welcome Packet with access to our proprietary trademark strategy training, Trademarkable Brand Checklist, and intake forms. As the rendering of service begins immediately upon purchase, no refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

Personnel: While I will have the primary responsibility for representing your company, I may hire other lawyers and/or legal assistants when I believe it would be beneficial to you and/or your company.

Results: While I endeavor to achieve a successful result, such a result is not always possible under the applicable facts and law. Our office provides additional materials to assist in increasing the likelihood of success for your application, but does not control most factors that affect the outcome, and as such, makes no guarantees as to the outcome.

Scope of Work: Your purchase of the Trademark Registration Boss Package includes each of the items outlined above and only those outlined above. Any additional tasks or services outside the defined scope of work shall require separate and additional billing.

Registration Certificate

Client Testimonials

Amina Okosi

Owner of Dear Men

Parris Fitzpatrick

Owner of BeYouTiFul Bath & Body and BeYouTiFul Beauty Bar.

Wanda Gilmer

Owner of Fatso-Hard-Kitchen

Amber Davis

Owner of Royal Allure

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