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Employment Lawyer in Chicago

Most small businesses don’t have a General Counsel or in-house legal department to advise on how the recruiting and hiring process should and should not go. Very few small businesses have staffed a well-trained Human Resources Department to make sure all activities related to employee hiring, discipline, retention, and firing are compliant with federal and state laws. What about grievance procedures? All businesses with employees need grievance procedures, but without a General Counsel’s office, who handles those?

Many small business owner employers are operating businesses without formal and documented procedures that address these concerns, and it’s costing them BIG.

Making the move to take on employees is a major milestone in growing your business. It’s something to celebrate, for sure. But it doesn’t come without risks.


Hiring employees is almost a necessity for business owners who endeavor towards consistent and sustainable growth, but it’s one of the riskiest things you can do as a business owner. Why? One reason is that “employers” are much more heavily regulated than “business owners”. Likewise, “employees” have tons more legal protection than “independent contractors.”

Employers also must invest in employees before employees are productive enough to add to the business. Not to mention the risk of employment lawsuits – all kinds of employment lawsuits: wage and hour violations, improper hiring procedures, hostile work environment, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation – and the list goes on.

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Lawyer in Chicago Specializing in Employment

Employees are investments into your business. But without a legally compliant employee relations framework in place, the return on that investment is in jeopardy.

The best defense of your growing business’ profits is in a good offense, so I use my skill to help you implement cost-efficient policies and procedures that minimize liability exposure and streamline processes, resulting in less spent on legal fees, and more on generating profits.

The Bosses’ Lawyer provides counseling and support in all aspects of the employment relationship, such as:

Document Drafting and Negotiation

Counseling on Best Practices and Procedures

Management and Employee Training

Throughout my legal career, I have represented and counseled numerous C.E.O.s, general counsel, in-house legal departments, human resources departments, managers, supervisors, and employees in a broad-range of litigation, compliance and risk assessment matters. Translation: I show up when it’s time to protect the money. My experience includes the successful resolution of claims such as Section 1983, Title VII, ADA, FMLA, FHA, ADEA, FLSA and wage and hour class action lawsuits, amongst others. I have drafted employee contracts and handbooks that have served to protect not only my clients’ revenues when it all hit the fan, but also their reputations.

Now, what you need is an employment lawyer – The Bosses’ Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois is equipped with the experience and skill necessary to guide you and your growing business through every step of the employment process. From implementing compliant processes and procedures, to hiring, to discipline, to firing and everything before, after, and in between, I’ve got you covered.